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 NAME....: Wanted: Weapons of Fate                                  
 SIZE....: 1DVD5                                                    
 COMPANY.: Warner Home Video Games         PROTECTION.: Securom        
 DATE....: 24 March 2009                   GAME TYPE..: Shooter      

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS                        

1. Unrar, Install the game (duh!)                                      
2. Copy DTE tool to deamon tools folder, run and cloak for securom    
3. Run the game .      
uitati ce trebuie sa faceti pt a va merge jocul:
pasul 1 luati daemon tools 430 de ici
pasul 2 instalati daemon tools (o sa va ceara si o validare de mail etc)
 si instalati varianta trial ca alta nam gasit
pasul 3 deschideti daemon si creati un cd-rom virtual IDE NU SCSI
(la prima instalare mia facut fite daca se intampla dezinstalati si instalati iar daemonu)
pasul 4 dupa ce ati reusit sa creati cd-romu IDE dati mount image la .mdf`ul de la joc
(daemonu nul vede direct decat pe mds. asa ca *ati de jos `show all files` si il alegeti voi din lista)
pasul 5 instalati jocu normal
pasul 6 luati DTE si il mutati in folderu unde ati instalat daemonu ala de mai sus
pasul 7 deschideti DTE si unde ati creat voi cd-rom virtual de mai devreme ii
dati un dreapta click si *ati `cloak for scrom security` sau cv de genu
pasul 8 dati unmount image si acum dati mount image la mds.
(mai devreme aveati mount la .mdf)  deoarece cu .mds ala se joaca.
pasul 9 ducetiva pe desktop si dati dublu click pe iconita
pasul 10 enjoy.

 Download download_trans.gif

RELEASE DATE : 17-03-2009      PROTECTION : Nothing                
GAME TYPE    : Flight Action        DISKS      : 1 DVD

Release Notes:
In the year 2012, the era of the nation-state is drawing to a  
close. The nations of the future increasingly have turned to  
private military companies, also known as PMCs, to aid in      
their defense. These elite mercenaries provide clear benefits  
to the nations that engage them, but they also tend to take a  
rather lax view of the law. Even so, the Reykjavik Accords    
have authorized the PMCs' right to serve in every aspect of    
military operations. As the PMCs' role is further legitimized  
and their influence grows, concerns have begun to mount. Have  
the PMCs been granted too much power? And, if so, what will  
the consequences be for the world?                          
Tom Clancy's HAWX puts you in the pilot's seat for            
revolutionary aerial combat action in an all-too-realistic    
world of the near-future. Engage in intense high-altitude      
warfare, complete with cutting-edge technology and devastating
firepower. Become an elite pilot of the future through use of  
the game's unique Enhanced Reality System, which provides a    
incredibly realistic flight experience, including radars and  
incoming missile detection, weapons trajectory control, an    
anti-crash system and more. Take the throttle of more than 50  
authentic aircraft as you prove your skills in dogfights over
war-scarred modern landscapes. In HAWX, you're at the controls
for stunningly rendered air combat.                            

Take to the air as an elite pilot of the future in a world    
scarred by years of post-war trauma                          

Enhanced Reality System (E.R.S.) features a damage control    
system, tactical map and information relay, weapons trajectory
control and more, and allows you to issue orders to your    
squadron and other units                                      

Pilot more than 50 legendary aircraft over landscapes rendered
in breathtaking detail using NASA and U.S. Geological Survey

Gain a level of comfort in the pilot's seat using assistance  
mode, which provides maximum piloting security via the E.R.S.
Share the solo campaign experience using Jump In/Jump Out    
co-op functionality                                        

Dogfight with friends in PVP mode to find out who's top gun

Install Notes:

1. Unpack release
2. Mount image or burn it
3. Install game
4. Play the game
 Download download_trans.gif

1. Install Steam
2. Copy folder "Watchmen" to SteamSteamAppscommon
3. Copy and replace file "KapowMulti.exe" from folder "Crack" to Steam/steamapps/common/watchmen/data/Engine
4. Don`t forget to update DirectX and Physix
5. Smoke some weed
6. Play!

Language: English

Minimal system requirements: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP1+ (32bit & 64bit), Vista SP1+ (32bit & 64bit) Processor: 1.8Ghz 64bit (dual core) Memory: 1 GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 2GB Available HDD Space Video Card: Geforce® 6 Series or greater, ATI Radeon™ x800 series or greater, shader 3.0 and 256MB video memory required Sound Card: DirectX® compatible sound card Internet Connection: Broadband Internet Connection DirectX® Version: DirectX® 9.0c
 Download download_trans.gif

3D Driving instructor is a computer simulator, created to teach the beginners how to drive a car in ? big city.
Program features:
- Real life streets with detailed landscape
- 6 training cars (only 1 is on in demo version)
- 11 districts (only 1 is available in demo version ) + Practice track
- Various traffic conditions (not available in demo version)
- Virtual GPS-navigator (not available in demo version)
- Traffic rules control system (not available in demo version)
- Clutch

Minimum system configuration:
Microsoft Windows XP SP2
DirectX 9.0? (April 2006)
Intel Pentium IV / AMD Athlon 1,5GHz
256 Mb of RAM
4X CD-ROM Drive
NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX440 / ATI Radeon 9200 video card
DirectX compatible sound card
181 Mb free hard disk space
Keyboard, mouse
Recommend system configuration:
Microsoft Windows XP SP2
DirectX 9.0? (April 2006)
Intel Pentium IV / AMD Athlon 2,5GHz
4X CD-ROM Drive
NVIDIA GeForce 5900/6600/6800 / ATI Radeon 9800/X700 video card
DirectX compatible sound card
181 Mb free hard disk space
Keyboard, mouse, steering wheel and pedals

Install/Install Update!

"Up-arrow key"
"Down-arrow key"
"Right-arrow key"
"Left-arrow key"
Higher gear:
Lower gear:
Left turn signal:
Right turn signal:
Left mirror:
Right mirror:
Cycle of the camera:
Start the engine:
Rear-view mirror:
Seat belt:
Message panel:
 Download download_trans.gif

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